• Healthy Nutritous
    Meals Delivered

    • Up to 38g of protein per meal
    • Grade A British Meats delivered nationwide
    • Our vacuum-packed meals last 7-10 days
    • All meals cooked fresh to order
  • Create Your
    Own Meals

    • Buy 25 ‘create your own’ meals get 10% off
    • Buy 100 ‘create your own’ meals get 20% off
    • Book up to 4 weeks and get bigger discounts
    • Choose from 1-2 deliveries a week
  • Clothing, Treats
    and More

    • Build lean muscle with our muscle building packages
    • Get in perfect shape with our weight loss packages
    • Dozens of different flavours available (inc gluten free!)
    • Stay consistently fuelled with pots of gains
  • New Products
    Now Available

    • Breakfasts
    • Raw meats
    • Shakers
    • Clothing

How It Works


Pick a meal plan that suits you


Choose your own meals


Our chefs expertly prepare your food


We deliver to your home or work

Order Meals Quickly

10 Meals

£5.50 / meal

  • Great to start with
  • Helps you eat well
  • Taste our great flavours

15 Meals

£5.00 / meal

  • Ready to eat meals
  • All your favourite flavours
  • Keep in the fridge up to 5 days

20 Meals

£4.90 / meal

  • Help you with gains
  • Amazing value for money
  • Freeze for up to 3 months

25 Meals

£4.80 / meal

  • Try out our flavours
  • Delicious
  • Tasty

30 Meals

£4.66 / meal

  • Combinations for all tastes
  • Tasty
  • Delicious

60 Meals

£4.50 / meal

  • Amazing flavour
  • Bulk size
  • Great value for money

Featured Products

Pots of Gains

Pots of Gains

Mix and Match

Mix and Match



Mixed Grills

Mixed Grills

Our Athletes

We’re proud to present the official Lions Nutrition athletes who we fuel to keep at peak performance. They take their training and diet seriously, which is why they’re happy to stand by us and our meals.

@LIONSNUTRITION These guys are the kings of meal prep. They're not here to take part, they're here to take over! Tastiest meal prep company I have tried. Constantly keeping me fuelled with my busy lifestyle.

Coach Owen Roddy

Boxing Coach

Being a part time professional model, and working from a office, Lions Nutrition has taken the stress out of my life. I'm full of energy, feel strong as ever, and I'm eating clean and enjoy my food. I only have 2 weight loss meals a day, which has kept me in shape through summer all the way to winter. What I really love is the variety of flavors and meats to choose from.


Professional Model

As a pro boxer we have to make sure we reach weight. And without any struggle I do. You can really taste the quality in Lions Nutrition meals. Meals are extremely fresh and are vacuum packed. I recommend these meals if you are a professional sports player or just want to live a healthy lifestyle. #TEAMMACHINE #TEAMLION

Anthony Fowler

Professional Boxer